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SQUAWK! the Amazing BirdShow

Now Available for Resorts, Hotels & Timeshares in Kissimmee / Orlando

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Your guests can enjoy a fun show without leaving your resort!

            SQUAWK! is an original, quick paced show that entertains and amazes.

No boring lectures or presentations here. Precision training, clever scripting and the combination of unique and classic bird show tricks make this show a winner. Let your guests experienced something special and create lasting memories of your property with an up close and personal performance.

“The parrot show was a hit!”

“We liked the parrot show most of all!”

– from the Guest Comment Cards at the Las Vegas Wyndham WorldMark Resort

Debbie, Mark and their amazing pet parrots have worked all over the US and have been seen by more than 2 million people at their live performances. Millions more have seen them on tv shows such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Animal Planet’s PetStar and America’s Got Talent. Their unique performance is not only entertaining but if your guests aren’t careful, they could even learn something. Although the show is written for adults, the comedy is clean and appropriate for all ages. Check out what people said about their Las Vegas show on TripAdvisor and Yelp!

“Squawk! was definitely one of our Club’s favorite shows. Our members had a fantastic time watching these beautiful and amazingly talented birds. Mark & Debbie not only kept the kids entertained but the adults enjoyed their great sense of humor. I would absolutely recommend them and we hope they can come back to Vegas soon.”

Melissa Lindsey – Member Services / Canyon Gate Country Club – Las Vegas, NV


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the show like?

Most people initially think our show will be a presentation or zoo-type talk about parrots, their environment, conservation, etc. While those types of presentations are suitable for zoos and schools, we believe in providing a fun and entertaining experience that the entire family will enjoy. Squawk! is an hour long show that works best in a theater or stage environment and features great talking parrots performing unique and unusual tricks like roller skating, painting, mind-reading, puzzle solving, simple math and so much more. The jokes are written to entertain the adults but is still family friendly. Before one of our Las Vegas shows, a gentleman who had brought his grand-daughter because “she wanted to see the birds” said he wanted to see how we could do an hour show with just parrots. Afterwards he told us he enjoyed the show more than she did.

How much space do you need?

For our stage show, almost any indoor venue with seating will work. We need an area of approx 12 x 20 feet in the front of the room for the bird’s perches and performing table with 6-8 ft of open space before seating begins.

We can do a version of the show outside but typically shorten it to approx 30 minutes. We find most outside venues do not provide sufficient shade or seating for the guests and the brutal summer heat can cause audiences to wilt quickly. Because Florida weather can change so quickly and drastically, details providing for the safety of our birds, props, sound system, etc would need to be worked out. A canopy of at least 10×10 ft or other type of overhead awning is required to provide shade and shelter against any pop up showers that may occur. It also serves as protection if your outside venue is frequented by hawks or other predators. We can provide our own canopy if needed.


We are licensed by the State of Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission to perform with our pet parrots and while we’ve never had an incident in nearly 30 years of performing, we do carry 1 mil/2 mil of animal-inclusive liability insurance.

Other Questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask. Give us a call or send an email. The contact info is below.

“For those who have a chance to see their show, it certainly does not lack in excitement for the young and old alike. Quite possibly, their show is the Best Live Animal Show at Any Park, PERIOD.”

Jennifer Lovesee-Mast   Theme Parks Online Magazine

If you’d like to view a short version of the show,  is a 20 minute act as part of a variety show in Branson. Whether it’s a short act or complete one hour show, SQUAWK! delivers family-friendly laughs, great tricks and interactive fun that your guests will love and remember.


 For more information about having SQUAWK! the Show at your location, please contact

Debbie or Mark at 702-966-9770

Direct 702-439-1715



SQUAWK the Amazing BirdShow performs weekly at the Mystic Dunes and Liki Tiki Resorts and is the featured entertainment for Victory Casino Cruise’s monthly Birthday Cruise.

Some previous venues include:

  • Six month, 24 city US tour (’15)
  • Tahiti Village Resort, Las Vegas  (’14)
  • Wyndham Worldmark Resort Las Vegas (’13)
  • Best Western Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas (’12-13)
  • Hawaiian Marketplace, Las Vegas (’11)
  • Royal Resort, Las Vegas (’10, ’12)
  • Gulf World Marine Park, Panama City, FL (’06-09)
  • Pet Comedy Theatre, Grand Country Music Hall, Branson (’06)
  • Iowa, Ohio & Florida State Fairs and misc county fairs & festivals (’05-06)
  • Gatorland, Kissimmee, Fl (’01)
  • Worlds of Fun, Kansas City (’97-’04)
  • Marineland of Florida, St. Augustine (’94-97)